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My kind of food - I miss beach BBQs now I don't live by the sea (one day, I'll be near the sea again - I miss it, though the canal is a quieter, gentler alternative: I suspect I will always crave flow of some kind near me). Isn't making a fire one of the most natural things in the world? It is something that we have done as a species since fire was discovered. Perhaps forgetting/never learning how to do it is the unnatural thing? I was lucky enough to learn as a child and the idea that it might not be a skill everyone is taught is unnatural to me.

Interesting questions raised in few words too, for me at least: is competition essential, or is a more cooperative approach better to avoid false camaraderie of the kind described here: when one wins, many lose - could letting everyone contribute as they are able, as equals, be preferable to taking a hierarchical approach - playing for the joy of play, not to beat others but win together? Is assigning/being assigned alpha (or not) roles the healthiest approach? Can someone lead from the shadows while another appears to lead without actually being in control? Look forward to seeing how the situation develops. (Always good to see an Adam Ant reference too - top tunes and an excellent look - one it would be good to see come into vogue again: eyeliner on men is a good thing :-))

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I'm not a huge fan of camping, but I could totally get on board this trip. The catering alone would have had me...who doesn't love crab claws, shrimp, sushi, and the whole graze?? I wish every camping trip was like this!

I'm enjoying the questions that are being asked of the other characters (like the hunger question). It really allows the audience to get to know them better and understand their past situations.

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