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It seems like after each chapter I always find myself wishing I was one of these characters on this journey. I can't imagine what it would feel like to be swept away on someone's private jet or asked to join the host of Survivor on a camping trip. I love that the genre of this is autofictional because it always has me wondering if these events or other characters are real or not.

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Love it, particularly the eco casino. I'd say the Rule of Three is the fact of life - but we all have different numbers that work for us - hence the entire field of numerology (a Chinese concept relating to the iChing/ascribing good and evil to numbers as I suspect you already know) - and related concepts (cosmic/sacred geometry etc).

2 is an interesting number choice as it's the number of fortune (and the moon) linguistially/sign-wise similar to 'easy'/prosper.

I find the cross cultural lore of three fascinating too - may be of interest if you haven't looked into it. In numerology it's the number of life/living, thinking of someone and missing them - though is ambiguous as it can also mean 'parting of ways/separation as well as representing Life in the life stages of birth, marriage and death, and the planet Jupiter. Triple headed goddesses appear across many cultures and 3 is also reflected in the holy trinity etc. FYI, 6 - 3x2 - is the number for flow/to stream.

Again, as you probably know, numbers bringing luck is a concept often used when naming businesses - in Hong Kong the government even auctions off' car number plates that are deemed auspicious.

There is so much meaning to be found in numbers - I find them as fascinating as words and a valuable tool for conveying meaning in writing, beyond surface interpretations, hence the depth of response to a single line in this chapter. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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