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About Rand

Like Tolkien, Rand was born in Bloemfontein. But he isn’t writing about fantastical worlds with mythical creatures. He instead immerses readers in first person fiction infused with reality.

Based in Sydney, Rand has good reasons to enjoy life – his ‘sudden cardiac death’ was the start of a long journey that involved six near death experiences, from which he is building up the strength to live again.

He focuses all his attention on inspiring others with hope, love and a little magic through his writing, photography and art, all part of his journey of recovery and emergence as an artist after a successful business career. He has published two books to date: Fierce Reinvention, a motivational, self-help book and At Thievery End, a poetry collection. He is currently working on a series of crime thriller novels.

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Rand Leeb-du Toit

Death survivor. Transplant advocate. Author. Photographer